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Whta is PHPVibe

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    PHPVibe CMS - Video & Multimedia CMS
    Introducing PHPVibe, your all-in-one multimedia and video-sharing solution, encompasses video, image, and music sharing, making it the ideal framework for your dedicated video, image, or music website—or even an all-encompassing multimedia platform.
    Key Features of the CMS[list=1]
    Video Sharing: PHPVibe effortlessly handles all aspects of video management, including upload, multiple-quality settings, ffmpeg commands for video conversion, processing, thumbnail generation, and data extraction. No need for manual code edits! The built-in video uploader sends chosen ffmpeg commands to the server for seamless video processing.
    Youtube Support and Import: Harness the power of YouTube for rapid content building. PHPVibe features a multi-video YouTube importer that can pull in videos via search, playlist, or channel, assigning them to specific owners and categories.
    Automated YouTube Imports: Keep your content fresh with automated tasks. The admin panel's cron section allows your website to import new videos at any time, without manual intervention. Let it work for you on autopilot.
    Image Sharing: In response to the rising demand for picture sharing, PHPVibe supports image uploads. Users love to share pictures, and with PHPVibe, you can tap into the ever-growing market.
    Music Component: Create a dedicated space for MP3 and SoundCloud songs. Enjoy separated uploads, lists, and improved user interactions, now with a waves player for an enhanced music experience.
    Premium Accounts: Generate revenue by offering paid access to premium media and providing an ad-free experience for premium users. Tailor account features to different user groups.
    Verified Badges: Easily add creative badges to verified, premium, or any user group, enhancing the community's visual identity.
    Lists and Filters: Ensure a beautiful user experience with lists and filters for channels, videos, music, images, and overall activity.
    Comments: Enjoy Ajaxed and infinite scroll-powered comments, complete with a beautiful emoji inserter. Utilize the YouTube comments importer to seamlessly integrate YouTube comments and channels into your platform.
    Design and User Experience: PHPVibe follows the design guidelines of the new YouTube, providing a familiar interface that users instinctively understand. This familiarity is crucial for reducing bounce rates.
    Articles and Pages: Enhance your website with a blog and pages for important documents such as Terms of Service and GDPR compliance.
    Visitor Engagement and Entertaining: From subscription features to likes, dislikes, messaging, and embedding—PHPVibe includes all the tools necessary to engage and entertain your audience.
    Top Players: Choose from renowned players like VibeJs (VideoJs personalized), JwPlayer 7, and Flowplayer with a simple click.
    Advertising Ready: Multiple ad types are supported, from VibeJs's VAST ads to static in-site and over-video ads, ensuring optimal conversion rates.
    Social Logins: Allow visitors to register and log in easily using their Facebook or Google credentials.
    SEO and SEF Ready: Take full control of your titles and permalinks for optimal search engine friendliness. Easily customize links and meta-data.
    Multi-Language Support: Manage languages effortlessly with options to create, edit, and import languages as needed.
    Sharing: Enable users to share content on social networks or embed them seamlessly on other websites.
    Open Source: PHPVibe is open source, giving you the freedom to modify and customize your website without restrictions.
    Experience and Reliability: Benefit from our extensive experience with video platforms and websites, with PHPVibe evolving from ZubeeTube (2008) to its current form (2018), continuously tested and improved over the years. Own your code, and build the multimedia platform you envision with PHPVibe.[/list]
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