Difference between Branding Removal & Commercial License

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Hello Guys & Mario Sir
I am little confused in choosing Branding Removal plugin,In store there are two plugins Branding Removal & Commercial License.
Both plugins have same info but different pricing.May i know what is difference between these plugins?
i have 7 Media vibe license do i need 7 license for branding removal or only 1 enough for all?

Please guide

Thank you

Marius P.

Hi, still working on that part. Theoretically you'll need 6 more licenses, but right now you also have to pay the full price on the first one, I have to make somehow to deduce the first purchase in the cart, I'm still considering how to do this.
But the new licensing will apply for V11 and above, not V6.
V11 being free will survive on commercial licenses (which will be clearly described in the store).
But...right now it's work in progress.
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HPRTopic starter

Thank you sir Waiting very eagerly for v11