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How to Download Media Vibe 6?

Started by HPR,

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HPRTopic starter

Hello Mr Mario
How r u
I saw you have launched the free version of Php Vibe 11,But I can't download Media vive 6 end plugins or access my licenses.May i know how to access these?Also when we can download version 11? we are waiting from long time.
please reply

Thank you


Hi! Right now the store is in the works, some things are not done, some are not working, PHPVibe 11 is not yet done (85% done). In a few days (I just got out of the hospital with covid) I will resume work on both.
If you wish to learn how to start coding on the PHPVibe Video CMS head to the blog. Please use the search before opening a new topic!

HPRTopic starter

Hello Mr Mario
i hope you get well soon
Take Care Bro