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Remove the Youtube logo in the Youtube player

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The YouTube logo on the player

One of the most commonly searched queries by our users/webmasters interested in video sharing is "How to remove/get rid of the YouTube logo on YouTube embedded videos." However, achieving this task is challenging, often temporary, and comes with high risks. Not only do you risk limitations imposed by YouTube or being banned from the API, but you may also draw the ire of Google, potentially resulting in removal from its listings.

The typical approach involves creating a proxy file that captures and decodes the link to the YouTube video. However, this method requires constant updates and code changes whenever YouTube modifies its platform. This can be frustrating, and it's advisable to reconsider pursuing this idea.

YouTube advertising on the player

Whenever you embed a YouTube video using their iframe or a supported player, YouTube advertising will still appear on your website. While it may be annoying, content creators are positioned to earn substantial revenue through the Google network.

In such cases, the best choice is to accept and adapt to it.

PHPVibe exclusively employs safe players compliant with YouTube's policies to the fullest extent. Both video ads and the YouTube logo will persist and will not be removed from our CMS.

If you observe our clients attempting to remove these elements, kindly refrain from seeking assistance from us.
The CMS is open source, allowing each owner to customize it according to their needs.
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