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I have use register_style('your style url') inside the tpl.header.php.

I would like to also reference my costumed css ID in javascript, and I was wondering where to put the css stylesheet tag(<link rel="stylesheet" href="light-mode.css" id="light-mode-stylesheet">)?

Thank you
Alright thank you
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Thank you very much for fixing this issue.

Thanks once again

You could use register_style('your style url')

See here
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I think because you've used an email as your name the forum broke from a plugin that tries to hide email addresses from bots.
Hello Marius P,

I have created a costumed dark and light css stylesheet files.
How do I reference these css files or which files head tag should place them into?  I am going to use JavaScript toggle between these costumed css files.

Thank you
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When I login into the forum I do get this message below on the top left!

", you are banned from using this forum!'; var smf_txt_expand = 'Expand'; var smf_txt_shrink = 'Shrink'; var smf_quote_expand = false; var allow_xhjr_credentials = false;"

could anyone one responsible for the forum resolve this issue?

Thank you
If you wish your visitors to be planted with viruses and stuff like that you can allow your users ways to provide a link to .mp4
But I don't plan to add that, I'm sure it's been discussed in the forums with some pointers on how to achieve it, but it's a high-security issue that won't make it in the cms build.

For the error, it's on my list of bugs to fix, thanks.
There is some bug there, I am aware of it. I will check when I have some free time.
I have a suggestion when click Share video there is only provision to add Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook videos, no way to add remote hosted videos. We can add remote videos only from the Admin panel> Add Media, not from Share Video. Kindly include 'remote hosted videos' in Shared video. So it will be You can easily fetch videos from: "Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, remote hosted video link, *.mp4"

There is an error in existing remote video link share. When we add a remote hosted mp4 video file link, after entering the video description the system shows video created successfully. But nothing can be visible in the video library, nothing is entered into the Mysql database. The link is not properly registering to the database. It simply says, "video created successfully". Please correct the remote video feature.