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Hello Mario
Nice to see you Again here...Lot of things changed now....

i have question related to vibe as follows

1. I had 7 license in my portal but it shows only 1 right now . Do I have to buy new licenses now?
2.If there is 1 commercial license,and i installed it on 1 website, do i still need to purchase the youtube importer plugin?
3.If I have a Vimeo add-on license, can I get an YouTube importer's license instead?because i want to test vibe first..

i couldn't find proper section in forum that's why i posted here
I hope you will answer my questions soon

Thank you


Marius P.


1). The old licenses are kept only for those who are still using v6 and v5.
Once these versions reach the end of life it's also the end of the regular licensing system.
Regular licenses are not commercial licenses.
If your work falls under the commercial category you'll need to get a commercial license.
But you can test without one as much as you want before launching the public website.
2). The commercial license only includes rights to use the CMS on a commercial project and has nothing to do with the plugins.
3). There is no connection between these two. The YouTube importer is released as a separate plugin now for the sole purpose of helping finance the continuation of this project. At least keep it online.

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