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Announcements / Re: PHPVibe 11.0.4
Last post by fox_mulder -
Thank you for this. This makes me feel like I am not the crazy one when I was having a hard time installing this reliably.

Little Rant (no need to respond, I am just sharing my thoughts):
When you decide you restart a Video CMs project after several years of inactivity and then conclude there is no interest in Video CMS so you will develop a different product, it doesn't help if by version 11.4 of the new alpha product there were still issues with simple installation. Thats where everything begins. Nothing happens without that. It's not fair.  I understand issues after installing but if someone can't even install there is no chance or hope of someone using the product you say no one is interested in.

It's like introducing a brand new car that has issues starting and then saying no one is interested in the car (that has trouble starting) so now you'll move on to farm equipment. However, you blame the car industry but not installation issues.

I'll know you'll probably have a response but I'm just sharing my thoughts. I am not asking you for anything or a response.  Also, I donated money to the project, so I am not just a complainer.

PS - If anyone can remove those animations tell me your secret. I have been 0% unsuccessful in removing them and just gave up.
avatar_Marius P.
Announcements / PHPVibe 11.0.4
Last post by Marius P. -
A small but useful upgrade!

The setup process is fixed and redesigned.

Road to stable (11.1) has a new step. Hopefully next week a stable version will be on GitHub.
avatar_Marius P.
Bug tracker / Re: Vibe 11.3 install keeps op...
Last post by Marius P. -
.htacces file simplified to the max :

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)/?$ index.php [L]
<ifModule mod_headers.c>
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
Suggestions / Update phpvibe
Last post by tweky94 -
Doar ce am văzut pe Facebook  ca se va face un update la phpvibe , vroiam sa știu,  sa știm poate , se va face update doar la cod sa se rezolve erorile sau sa ne așteptăm și la funcții noi adăugate? , cum a fost vorba de playerul plyr , poate se adaugă și short video , sau este doar pe baza scriptului sa se rezolve bug-urile?  , și asta ar fi ok dar poate și un update la funcții noi , am văzut ca se va face update și pe baza a ce postam noi în categoria de bug-uri etc.. , eu am postat câteva bug-uri gen la edit video îți crapă pagina și au mai fost câteva la ssl am văzut ca la mai mulți utilizatori sa întâmpinat cu aceasta problema deci ar trebui ceva update și acolo  , cu drag folosesc scriptul este ce trebuie speram sa nu te lași de phpvibe și sa fie cât mai multe update-uri atat design și la script la cod, multu succes  , voi reveni cu  probleme dacă mai sunt la script , voi posta. .
Ar trebui uitat și la fișierele js ca din câte spuneai și ele sau cam învechit
Poate chiar se audă și o funcție de noapte sau zi.
Doamne ajuta cu noul update
Fan phpvibe.
Bug tracker / Re: SSL la phpvibe si upload
Last post by tweky94 -
rezolvi ceva marius cu  selectarea categoriei ?
avatar_Marius P.
Announcements / Re: Plyr is coming to PHPVibe
Last post by Marius P. -
Ok, my bad. Take me slow, I haven't worked in english for some time now

I would not bet much on Plyr being added to the open-source version soon, but I'll try to add it.

PHPVibe is moving away from the video-sharing platform purpose it had, it's clear it's no longer something that the world needs and I'm trying to find a better, more up-to-date, angle to continue it.
Suggestions / Hosting for PHPVIBE
Last post by fox_mulder -
Does anyone have recommendations for a host that is able to run PHPVibe reliably, please.

I am tired of having issues that may be related to a host. Life is short.

Thank you so much.
Announcements / Re: Plyr is coming to PHPVibe
Last post by fox_mulder -
I did not say "My playlists don't play" I never said that.

This is a Topic about "Plyr" coming to PHPVibe.  I am staying on topic.

I am literally asking if someone uses Plyr in the future "Will this allow Playists to Autoplay?"

This topic is about "Plyr" so I thought I didn't have to mention it specifically.

My experience is that autoplay depends on the player being used and I haven't used plyr in playlists because as you said it is coming to PHPVibe. It is not yet being used.

Hope this is clear.
avatar_Marius P.
Announcements / Re: Plyr is coming to PHPVibe
Last post by Marius P. -
Quote from: fox_mulder on More than anything I've seen here already I am curious how this impacts playlist functionality.

Will this allow playlists to autoplay?

I am surprised no one has asked about this yet. It's one of the basic functionalities of the cms. 😃

Your playlists don't autoplay? What player and what browser do you use?